Is your child bright but struggling academically?

Academic Challenges

The signs your child is struggling academically may include:

  • Grades or teacher reports indicate that your child is not able to keep up with grade level standards;
  • Your child appears increasingly anxious about tests and his/her ability to master new concepts;
  • Your child reports feeling behind in school, overwhelmed, or “not as smart” as his/her peers;
  • Your child seems to forget foundational concepts and has to “re-learn” these for each assignment;
  • Your child demonstrates a lack of interest or ability to focus on learning;
  • Your child is frustrated by homework and spends an inordinate amount of time completing tasks;

Understanding Why

What could be going on with my child?

  • Poor study skills, disorganized processing;
  • Gaps in foundational knowledge;
  • Child has fallen too far behind to “catch up”;
  • Necessary academic skills never mastered;
  • Undiagnosed dyslexia, speech/ language deficits;
  • Poor social thinking skills affecting comprehension of characters, storyline, meaning;
  • Other gaps in skill level, knowledge, or baseline capability related to developmental learning.

We Can Help!

We develop a unique, customized 1:1 program for each of our children to ensure they get the skills they need to succeed today, tomorrow, and for their brightest future.

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