Is your child bright but struggling developmentally?

The signs your child is struggling developmentally with speech/ language may include:

  • Your child’s pediatrician or screenings have highlighted a speech/ language concern or delay;
  • Teachers report that your child is not meeting developmental/ academic standards for his/her age;
  • Your child appears increasingly anxious about attending school/ preschool/ or other gatherings;
  • Your child prefers to “do his/her own thing” and often seems disengaged from the group/ learning;
  • Your child seems to “zone out”; questions or directives need to be repeated to gain attention;
  • Your child demonstrates a lack of language comprehension/ skills – receptive and/ or expressive;
  • Your child often does not understand questions or the meaning behind stories/ songs/ emotions;
  • People are starting to notice that your child speaks or communicates “differently”;
  • Your child is increasingly frustrated by his/ her inability to communicate effectively;
  • Your child has a persistent speech disorder that does not seem to improve with age;
  • Your child’s teeth are repositioning themselves before/during/after orthodontics.

Understanding Why

What could be going on with my child?

  • language or auditory processing challenges;
  • gaps in foundational learning;
  • child has fallen too far behind to “catch up” from a speech/ language standpoint;
  • basic speech, articulation, or other skills never addressed;
  • undiagnosed dyslexia, speech/ language deficits, or other developmental challenge;
  • poor social thinking skills affecting comprehension of characters, storyline, meaning;
  • tongue thrust swallow/open-mouth breathing/unhealthy tongue resting posture;
  • other gap in skill level, knowledge, or baseline capability related to developmental learning.

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