Philosophy/Mission Statement

Jodie K. Schuller & Associates’ Mission Statement

Our Mission:

We believe that effective communication is the key to connecting to the world around us. Thus, at Jodie K. Schuller & Associates, we equip children with the critical speech, language, reading, writing and social skills they need to share their unique gifts with the world in a meaningful and successful manner.

Our Vision:

By addressing core building blocks that comprise the pyramid of social and academic success, we enable children to reach their potential, academically, socially, and personally, regardless of learning styles, challenges and/or disabilities.

Our Approach:

Using our unique whole-child approach, we provide a coordinated, customized and comprehensive plan to help each of our students achieve academic, social and personal success today, tomorrow and for their brightest futures.

Our Intervention Plans Are:

  • Coordinated with educators, medical providers and parents to meet developmental milestones and state standards,
  • Customized to leverage children’s strengths and build skills in areas of deficits or challenges,
  • Comprehensive to target the foundational gaps in speech and language that impact students’ abilities to read, comprehend, write, interact socially and to communicate with others during oral and written communication.

The Jodie K. Schuller Promise:

We are so confident in our ability to make a difference for your child that we offer each new student our JKS promise:

Give us 4 months, and we’ll give you a different child!

Jodie K. Schuller & Associates is the clear choice when results matter!

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