Accent Reduction

Accent ReductionPronunciation classes can help you to:

  • Get your ideas accepted and implemented
  • Make your point without having to repeat yourself
  • Comprehend the messages of others (including the unspoken messages)
  • Hear the difference between correct and distorted English sounds
  • Clearly pronounce business vocabulary using correct English sounds
  • Stress the right parts of words and sentences by using appropriate intonation patterns
  • Build your confidence and speak with authority
  • Give and receive instructions precisely
  • Use appropriate body language so your messages come across loud and clear
  • Master basic American cultural norms and social amenities
  • Increase efficiency and productivity by reducing mistakes and confusion
  • Improve your public perception by avoiding miscommunications at work & in social settings
  • Enhance your professional opportunities by making your accent an advantage.

How Can We Help?

The specialists at Jodie K. Schuller & Associates are professional speech and language therapists, many with over 25 years experience in communication disorders.  Licensed by the state of California as speech-language pathologists, our therapists have completed advanced training in specific techniques to enhance spoken and written communication.  Having attended renowned accent reduction training programs including Arthur Compton’s Pronouncing English as a Second Language and Lorna Sikorsky’s Intonation Patterns of American English, our therapists can expertly identify cultural differences in nonverbal communication, and they can remediate intonation patterns and speech production errors that interfere with listener understanding.

To facilitate the development of reading and written language development, our therapists have attended training programs from coast to coast including post-graduate courses offered by the Landmark School of Education, the Wilson Reading System (based on Orton Gillingham) and the complete range of programs developed by Lindamood Bell including LIPS, Visualizing and Verbalizing, On Cloud 9 Math  and Seeing Stars.  Therapists have also been certified by the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM ) to diagnose and treat breathing and swallowing problems related to unhealthy oral resting postures, sucking habits and tongue thrust.

“I would recommend this course to my friends, because I have learned pronunciation skills I had never learned before. The individual attention was very helpful in improving my pronunciation skills.”

Xiao-Ning Wang, Ph.D., Research Scientist

“Before I took this class, I really thought I had a good command of spoken English, but I found I had to repeat myself frequently. After taking this class, I understand how I mispronounced many simple words.”

Navareto Alfaro, Electrician

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