Language/Auditory Processing Challenges & Study Skills

Are you aware of the connection between language/auditory processing challenges and study skills?

Children who have been diagnosed with auditory processing problems usually have language processing problems and vice versa.

If children can’t remember a series of numbers on an auditory processing test, , the problem is likely to surface when they try to recall the list of assignments due the following day.  If children can’t separate the target sound from the background noise during an auditory processing test, they will likely have difficulty separating the teacher’s voice from the ambient noises in the classroom as well.

These challenges will often interfere with study skills and test preparation.

Imagine trying to figure out the important concepts in a history book, if you have trouble separating the main message from the sea of details.  Imagine trying to remember the events leading up to the Civil War, if you have trouble with sequencing.  More difficult yet, imagine trying to read a textbook, remember the important information, integrate it and draw important conclusions from the text if your auditory memory fails you.

Parents can prevent many of these academic difficulties by getting their children enrolled in appropriate intervention….the earlier the better.

To prevent test taking struggles, students should be seen by academic specialists who know how to teach study skills for long term success. Vocabulary should be taught with synonyms, antonyms, associations and memory tricks. Students who are already struggling with these skills or whose SAT is right around the corner have no time to lose. Enroll these students in effective, appropriate intervention today.

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