Work Success

Work Success

Critical Communication Skills for Work Success

  • . Improve Voice Quality
  • . Decrease Stuttering
  • . Reduce Mumbling and Refine Pronunciation
  • . Accent Modification
  • . Reading, Spelling, Math and Written Expression

Clear communication skills are essential

Communication is not just about how you talk and listen. It’s about making connections with people… being a cooperative and trusted team worker… a good friend… someone people can count on… someone they respect and like. This is achieved through effective communication.

Success in your career may also depend on your ability to communicate. In order to exchange information efficiently and accurately, you must speak clearly without sound distortions, struggling to find the words or excessive revisions. You must also read correspondence and write documents that succinctly and tactfully make your point.

At JKS & Associates, you will get practical training in oral and written communication. You will gain useful techniques that will make you more effective with other people – immediately and permanently – and thus advance your professional opportunities.

Who needs intervention?

Individuals who have difficulty speaking to and understanding others and those with reading and writing challenges will benefit from intervention. These programs are especially crucial for those in sales, medicine, law and telecommunications – anyone whose career demands excellent communication

Our programs will enable you to…

  • . Exercise leadership skills and advance in your career;
  • . Get your ideas accepted and implemented;
  • . Make your point without having to repeat yourself;
  • . “Work a Room;” be more confident and enjoy yourself more in social situations;
  • . Master the art of greetings, handshakes and small talk;
  • . Build your confidence and speak with authority;
  • . Give and receive instructions precisely;
  • . Use appropriate body language so your messages come across clearly;
  • . Increase efficiency and productivity by reducing mistakes and confusion;
  • . Improve your public perception by avoiding miscommunications at work and in social situations;
  • . Bounce back from blunders; saying the wrong thing happens to everyone.
  • . Read fluently, comprehend clearly and write proficiently.
  • . Advance in your career
  • . Improve your voice improvement

Improve your voice quality and make positive first impressions.

Learn to:

. Project your voice with proper breathing;
. Increase your volume and power;
. Use your optimum pitch;
. Vary your pitch and intonation patterns to hold the listener’s interest and make your point.


   Decrease your stuttering while increasing your fluent speech. You will acquire:
  • . Proper breathing and upper body relaxation;
  • . Appropriate eye contact;
  • . Greater confidence;
  • . Strategies designed to reduce your specific stuttering behaviors.


   Refine your pronunciation patterns and reduce your mumbling. You will speak more clearly by:
  • . Increasing your oral strength and refining the precision of your tongue placement;
  • . Eliminating improper movements and retraining your tongue muscles;
  • . Decreasing your speech rate;
  • . Utilizing proper phrasing.

Accent Reduction

Professional speech trainers will identify the sounds and intonation patterns that reduce the clarity or call attention to your speech. You will then modify these patterns through practical speaking experiences like improving voice mail messages and giving presentations. Students who attend class and practice regularly can expect 50-60% improvement in the clarity of their speech.

Reading, Written Expression and Math

If you have difficulty with reading and spelling, maybe you were never taught to recognize the sound components of words, the skill that enables you to learn phonics. If your challenge is reading comprehension, you may have problems understanding vocabulary, organizing information or visualizing images as you read. Written language challenges are often related to difficulties with the pre-writing processes of brainstorming and organization and the post-writing process of editing. Difficulties with math often stem from the failure to visualize a number line in your head.

Weaknesses in reading, spelling, written expression, and math can be eliminated. The speech-language-educational specialists at JKS & Associates will identify the cause of your difficulties and then help you overcome these challenges from the ground up.

How Can We Help?

The specialists at Jodie K. Schuller & Associates are professional speech and language therapists, many with over 25 years experience in communication disorders.  Licensed by the state of California as speech-language pathologists, our therapists have completed advanced training in specific techniques to enhance spoken and written communication.  Having attended renowned accent reduction training programs including Arthur Compton’s Pronouncing English as a Second Language and Lorna Sikorsky’s Intonation Patterns of American English, our therapists can expertly identify cultural differences in nonverbal communication, and they can remediate intonation patterns and speech production errors that interfere with listener understanding.

To facilitate the development of reading and written language development, our therapists have attended training programs from coast to coast including post-graduate courses offered by the Landmark School of Education, the Wilson Reading System (based on Orton Gillingham) and the complete range of programs developed by Lindamood Bell including LIPS, Visualizing and Verbalizing, On Cloud 9 Math  and Seeing Stars.  Therapists have also been certified by the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM ) to diagnose and treat breathing and swallowing problems related to unhealthy oral resting postures, sucking habits and tongue thrust.

“I would encourage my friends and coworkers to take this course because it promotes self-confidence.”

Vita Candela, Realtor

“This program has helped me enhance my communication skills; particularly in the area of grammar and pronunciation. I wish I had known about this speech improvement course long ago before taking many other English classes.”

Yukiko Girton, Bank Employee

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