Is your child bright but struggling socially?

The signs your child is struggling socially may include:

  • Your child often prefers to play alone or immerse him-/herself in technology (video games, etc);
  • Your child appears to be socially isolated during recess and/or during organized team sports;
  • Your child is increasingly anxious about social situations and has trouble integrating into the group;
  • Your child reports feeling “left out”, disliked, or “mocked” by his/her peers;
  • Your child has trouble making friends and keeping them;
  • Your child demonstrates a lack of interest in socializing or getting to know same-age peers;
  • Your child is frustrated by his/her inability to communicate with peers and engage in conversation;

Understanding Why

What could be going on with my child?

  • Poor language skills, pragmatic skills, and/or critical thinking for social success;
  • Gaps in ability to read social cues and respond appropriately;
  • Child has been socially stigmatized by peers as “different” and can’t seem to overcome this label;
  • Child lacks appropriate social models in his/ her daily life;
  • Undiagnosed speech/ language deficits, especially pragmatic language;
  • Poor social thinking skills affecting conversational discourse;
  • Other gap in social skills or developmental capability related to language/ social thinking.

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